n is for newspaper nest

we had newspapers at a “newspaper stand” all week and in the last day we shredded some with my paper shredder from home (exciting stuff).


we made a variety of nest shapes (paper bowls and paper cups and flat paper ovals) but regardless of shape, all involved A LOT of glue. then the glue was covered with shredded newspaper, feathers and sticks.

there were a few friends sweetly planning to put their nests in trees at home for real birds to find.

after all, we did learn about owls who use abandoned hawk nests, so why not other birds? good questions.

2 thoughts on “n is for newspaper nest

  1. I love interesting materials for the sensory table! I’ve used paper from my shredder before, too — the kids get so excited to see something besides sand or water in the sensory table. Have you ever used rice? Another fun item is the biodegradable packing “peanuts” you sometimes get, because they are made of cornstarch, and you can “glue” them together by dipping the ends in water first.




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