c is for {national sugar} cookie day


today was the first of four summer “play days” at preschool. these days are for last year’s preschool friends, giving us another chance to be together as a 2014-1015 school family. the tricky thing is that they were from different classes, so the first thing we did was figure out who was from what class (red, purple, green and orange…the two blue friends are my kids who were at their own schools last year). these friends had seen each other’s photos all year long on our picture boards and i had fun watching them together.

today, july 8, is national sugar cookie day (who knew!)

first we had work time inside: doing what we do during preschool, plus playing on a skateboard….that was new and had me think it might be a good thing to have more often! we also made cookies out of play dough, snipped yarn to be sprinkles, mixed glue and food coloring in pastry bags for our cookie project, all with a generous amount of giggling.

after circle time we went outside and wrote a recipe for sugar cookies, one of my favorite things to listen to.

next came the flour, kleenex and baseball bats. we loosely twisted the kleenex around a small pile of flour to use as balls. there was also a complete free for all with throwing flour at each other. i was too busy getting doused with flour to take pictures so some after shots will have to do:

we stayed outside and decorated mini sugar cookies, 12 shades of frosting, two kinds of sprinkles and a vague boundary on how many cookies to use. some made extras to take home, some didn’t eat any at all.

we finished our day inside with water drinks, clean up, and getting all the pillows and cushions we could find for song and story time…it was a sweet play day indeed.

 next week: national gummy worm day!


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