t is for thanksgiving 

throughout the week we worked on big mama turkey and our own baby turkeys to take home.

big mama was an old piece of paper saved from a year ago and filled with excess paper (our hands and arms got a work out from crumpling the paper):

and when she was complete, she was a fun friend to hang out with.

our baby turkeys were paper bag bodied construction paper feathered scraps of paper faced tape nosed permanent marker eyes and beaked masterpieces. throughout the week each child told me something they loved or were thankful for or wanted me to write down as we discussed the different themes (person, animal, food, toy, nature, and the bonus “whatever else you want me to write down”).

sweet babies. they know what they love.

and in every class there was someone, either from personal experience or a book or a future plan for herself, who brought up the concept of adoption as they took their turkeys home from big mama. 40-some baby turkeys adopted to the community this week.

:: :: :: ::

the day before thanksgiving break we pretended it really was thanksgiving with shared food and gratitude.

the table was “fancy” like our books and we used real plates and forks and spoons along with our real glass cups. this meant our feasting was followed up by optional dish washing.


(and how special that we got a real grandma and a real great grandpa to share a feast with!)

:: :: :: :: ::

dishwashing with water “as warm as we can get it without you getting burnt” was a busy place.

:: :: :: ::

happy thanksgiving, everyone. may you feel warmth and love surrounding you this season.


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