n is for noise {from a toy elephant and the quest to solve the mystery that followed}

during work time it was discovered by a friend that one of our plastic elephants made a rattling sound when shaken. and it was determined that it had never done that before.

he got the magnifying class to find a clue.  then another friend got interested and the hypothesizing ensued. some potential answers:

the idea of termites stuck. and then there was a quest to find the holes, proving that termites have access to our classroom.

there was a lot of scurrying around, a lot of friends getting involved.

(see our Facebook page for accompanying video of the moment.)

the track was well used.

and in the end, they felt they had their theory proved.

“this many holes means there are termites that got into our school and then made a hole in the elephant.”

what did they put in the elephant? irrelevant for now.

also noted: “this was the day we found out we were friends and we will always play together from now on.”


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