a week

A week was amazing, awesome, adventurous, adorable!


a new tiny muscle option this year are mini sensory boxes (26 plastic pencil boxes for each letter of the week): this week we had alphabet beads and short lengths of pipe cleaner.

we took pictures to use for our picture boards, cubbies, journals, etc.

charrliethis is when children can use any expression they like and choose which photo to use. that’s why some look “mad” or “sad” or “wild” or “happy” or “glad” or “silly” or “normal.”


as is tradition: the first days of school we paint! we used hands and brushes on plastic bags that were taped to the table, then made prints.


one little friend knows the space well since she also comes to church here, so when she was done painting, i had fun watching her go get the bike out of the depths of storage.

outside time was full of the “littlest pushing the biggest” and screaming and running and saying hello to neighbors.


and one day, it rained!

we taste tested apple slices and apple sauce, then circled which one we preferred.

another traditional first day activity: free reign on glue bottles. 

i love giggling at preschool:

and we’ve already had birthdays to celebrate!



and finally, this found writing proves that the letter A is not needed to communicate that the family corner store sells sausage, eggs and ice cream.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.25.28 AM


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