M is for Martin

With the 2020-2021 school year online other than a weekly lending library of toys/books/equipment, we honor the life of Dr. King via YouTube, Facebook and Zoom.

At one point during Circle Time today, I will say the word “capital” when I’m referencing the letter M that we are making. I would invite you to watch your children’s faces as an indicator if that word is yet a “trigger” for them. 

Young children are beautifully complex creatures and capable of feeling many things at the same time. My hope for this week is that we can have the blend of joy over celebrating a birthday of a great leader of our nation and at the same time grieve what life was like for him when he was a little boy and have the courage to look around us and see how some of those things persist in our nation today.

Here is a video from years ago of our preschool honoring the life of Dr King (These sweet children are in middle school and high school now!): https://youtu.be/zsYJELiMkDw 

During Circle Time, we take picture walks through several books that I recommend if you’re looking for young child-friendly books on Dr King. They are listed below in the Circle Time schedule.

Here are the links for Circle Time today:

via YouTube:  

via Facebook: 


Circle Time: M is for Martin

🛎 Bell ringing: black and white

🌀Breath with Famous Amos cookies (thanks, Mr Wally Amos!)

🎶 We Wish You Well 

🎂 Birthday Song: Maxton 

🌟 Golden Letter of the Week song: Maxton, Macie, Matilda and Maddux

🎂🌟BONUS Birthday/Golden Letter friend: the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr

🍎 Letter of the Week project: M is for Martin (using a magnifying glass!)

✏️ Drawing Time: restaurant rules

📚 Picture walk:  

“The Story of Martin Luther King Jr,” Moore

“Welcome Books: Martin Luther King Jr,” Walker

“The Story of Ruby Bridges,” Coles

“Mae Among the Stars,” Ahmed

🌈Alphabet actions: blast off like Mae

☀️ Goodbye poem: While we are under the same sun, life experiences and opportunities are different. 


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