PHYSICAL SPACE: We have a large outdoor area known in the community as the New Creation Memorial Park. Over the years many donations have created this space that we simply call our “playground.” It has served as an extension of our indoor classroom even before the pandemic. We spend time outside in most kinds of weather believing that a connection to nature is essential to a whole early childhood experience! It is enclosed by a fence with play structures, climbing logs, benches, water play, a permanent open air pavilion and many trees. The ground cover under play structures is KDHE approved pea gravel (rather than sand or plastic) and the majority of our space is grass. The playground and shelter are fully accessible via sidewalk.

LEARNING: The New Creation Preschool environment (indoors and out) is carefully prepared for each child to move at their own pace, always encouraging growth. To better facilitate outdoor learning during the pandemic and thanks to a generous donor, a pavilion was installed in 2021. The majority of any onsite learning outdoors including Circle Time, Project Time, Snack Time, etc. can easily be moved outdoors.

CLOTHING: Given our year-round outdoor learning, it is essential that children have weather appropriate clothing. Children are encouraged to monitor their own clothing if they get too warm or too cold (shoes and jackets, etc) within reason. There are many services we can access to help provide clothing should you need that. Outerwear suggestions:

  • light jacket/sweatshirt/sweater
  • rain jacket
  • water friendly shoes/boots 
  • winter boots
  • coat
  • hats/mittens/scarves
  • sun hat/sunglasses

HEALTH AND SAFETY: We maintain compliance with all regulations according to K.A.R. 28-4-437 including:

  • Staff is equipped with a megaphone, cell phones and a first aid kit while outdoors
  • Children have access to water bottles at all times
  • During times of high transmission rates, masks may be worn when physical distancing can’t be maintained between households
  • We shelter indoors during extreme temperatures or lightning/storms in the area
  • The fence gates are monitored at all times by teaching staff 
  • Children are accompanied to the indoor bathroom as needed by Ms Kristin or Ms Brenda
  • Outdoor hand washing is available for use anytime and will be monitored before children eat snack
  • Each child is provided with their own School Box for snack or project time.
early pandemic • 2021


  • Label everything with your child’s name
  • Bring a water bottle (disposable also available from preschool)
  • Bring a backpack or bag big enough to hold extra clothes/shoes
  • Dress your child in weather appropriate clothes and layers (bring a jacket “just in case”)
  • Dress your child in shoes/boots they can take on and off by themselves 
  • Apply sunscreen and bug spray before they arrive

New Creation Preschool • updated August 2022 


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