j is for jingle bell

we used j week to explore metal vs non-metal

magnet work

with huge bags of thrifted wooden beads and more bags of jingle bells, we made necklaces and tree ornaments.

beads and jingle bellsbead cord

before we made them, all the bells and wooden beads were mixed in a large bucket.  when we sunk a magnet wand in and pulled out, it was covered with jingle bells.  that was a good time.  i recommend it.

s is for snowflake

once children have mastered the basics of this activity, there are so many variances!


one option for our “snippers” is to give them a paper plate to snip and then fold the edges.  quite satisfying for accmplished cutters too!



for those with more scissor control and strength, we offer the traditional folded square.  if they like, we draw lines for them to cut on.


snowflake cutting 0809.JPG

mounted or hanging free…beautiful.


snowflakes 0809.JPG