k is for kansas

kansas turns 149 today (and no, i did not stay up until midnight to post this…i usually do a bunch of posts and schedule them for later).

butter time

our  kansas celebrations this week include making butter to eating zweiback brought by families.  its such a simple process, i don’t know why i don’t do it more often.

we used fancy local cream that came in a glass bottle, poured it in another jar and shook, shook, shook.

butter time

butter time

suddenly you hear a thunk, thunk, thunk and you know the butter is flopping around in there!

butter time

we sang happy birthday by “candlelight” (thanks for the inspiration, tom!) and enjoyed our feast.

butter timebutter timebutter time

it’s been a cozy week.

s is for sunflower


all i could find was a slightly neon-toned yellow paper.  we put out yellow crayons and pens to soften the color a bit.


then snowflake style, we offered the preschoolers a paper folded in fourths with one petal shape drawn on.


some thought they worked better as airplanes.


then gluing them around a center and adding an O shape for the middle with a cardboard stem.


our state flower!

w is for wind

i was in charge of an intergenerational sunday school time on the topic of the holy spirit.  we made these wind catchers to demonstrate that even if you can’t see the wind, you know it is there because the fabric moves.  with church and preschool sharing space, we share these now too.


the children are surrounded by streams of color that move with every passerby.


i am surrounded by the reminder that goodness and peace are moving with us.


p.s.  to make one you need a panel from old wire shelving units and about 20 thrifted scarves. : )

w is for winter animals

we discussed ways that animals adapt to winter and hid some of our nuts to eat at home.

hiding nuts

hiding nuts

a paper “cave” glued to old mat board, covered with kleenex and paper towels, then nuts hidden inside.

hiding nutshiding nuts

we covered the cave hole with another kleenex.

hiding nuts

that way families didn’t know we had nuts in there.

s is for sparkly pen

in honor of the new year, i offered sparkly pens for journal work.


there were some busy hands.  i. must. remember. the. value. of. sparkly. gel. pens.

sparkly pen

one  friend drew her self portrait 5 times…ending with a switch to the pink pen. : ) the drawings were almost identical.  i love this stage of early childhood.

face 1

face 2

face 3

face 4

face 5

quite an accomplishment!