i is for igloo (again)

edited to add:  it seems that this post takes extra long to load…sorry!

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i told my preschool classes i would post photos of the fire we made inside an “igloo” in our yard two winters ago.

we gathered the snow from around the yard (under trees where it hadn’t melted:  a corner of the lean-to roof still in shade, under the trampoline…), dropped it all into a big mound,

dug out a hole with a hoe,

used the handle to make a “chimney” vent,

had sally bring us the fire starters,
and built. a. fire.
it didn’t melt!
it was magical.
then we came out after supper with blankets and jammies.


if we get enough snow at preschool, we’ll do it!  you can at home, too!

i is for igloo


two sheets and some duct tape made a cozy igloo for the week. IMG_6326.JPG

inside were “cold weather” books and more white sheets.


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labels as “ice blocks” from the thrift shop were stuck on pre-cut igloo shaped paper.


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we used lots of glue and white things to make a big igloo.  once dry it found a home at circle time with some big books.  the children moved white sheets over to cover up in snow. : )


s is for snip





f is for fruit salad

cut that apple.  cut that banana.  cut that pear.  cut those grapes.

f is for fruit salad

we snipped paper over a table-sized piece of clear contact paper.  i make the “fruit” pieces small enough that one full snip should cut off a piece of paper (does that make sense?). during this project, if a child was successful in cutting, i did not correct scissor holding.

f is for fruit salad

then we covered the snips of “fruit” with another piece of contact paper, cut them apart and sent them home.

f is for fruit salad

fruit salad.  yummy, yummy.

w is for web

another year, another web.

spider web  - 4

spider web  - 1

spider web  - 3

this time an elephant came out to play.

spider web  - 2

our egg carton elephant named ellie.

one elphant went out to play upon a spider’s web one day

she had such ENORMOUS fun that she called for another elephant to come…

two elephants went out to play… (you get the idea!)

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elephant on spider's web! - 1

then we had some elephants walk on our own paper spider webs.

elephant on spider's web! - 2

elephant on spider's web! - 3