i is for igloo


two sheets and some duct tape made a cozy igloo for the week. IMG_6326.JPG

inside were “cold weather” books and more white sheets.


:: :: ::


labels as “ice blocks” from the thrift shop were stuck on pre-cut igloo shaped paper.


:: :: ::


we used lots of glue and white things to make a big igloo.  once dry it found a home at circle time with some big books.  the children moved white sheets over to cover up in snow. : )


3 thoughts on “i is for igloo

  1. great project! I am envious of your preschool adventures – I spend my days with college students … they are more concerned with up coming quizzes than getting their igloo on :)

    living through you guys!


  2. Brilliant use for those mailing labels!

    I also notice that you let kids handle the Sharpie (or as I refer to it, “the super indelible never come off ’til you’re dead, maybe longer marker” with apologies to Robert Munsch). So do I. I don’t blame my parents for wanting us to stick with washable art supplies, but I’ve never had a kid get Sharpie on himself. They’re always so careful with them, which is good practice for when we break out the hot glue gun!

    I’m going to use the “white things” igloo project.


    1. yes, i, under a constant watchful eye, will let children use a sharpie for name writing. we know that children love the bold, black line. regular markers dry out so quickly, smear (!!!!!), and produce a fat line so that letters look more like blobs….anyway. i cringe a bit, feeling like i’m breaking a rule, and i do respect families who have requested that their children not use one ever (though i think that only happened once).

      well, onward.

      play dangerously today, teacher tom.



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