l is for legoland

when we bring out the legos, it makes sense to me that keeping them in tubs or on shelves isn’t practical.


especially when there is a certain blue piece with a curvy edge that has to be found.


so this year i set out a couple of area rugs and called them “legoland.”  this is where we kept the legos.


when it was time to clean up at the end of the week and going outside to run and scream was really what we were ready for, tossing the legos in was a great compromise.


5 thoughts on “l is for legoland

  1. Kristin, we keep our Legos on a sheet of plywood with a 1/2″ lip around it and on coasters. It rolls under a bed and back out again. It’s a huge building surface and the Legos just stay on it all the time. Something like that might work too (cause kids couldn’t work through it)…


  2. Heh, our Legos always start out in tubs, but they wind up looking like yours do. My only problem is that it really drives me crazy when kids just walk through kicking them — it really makes it impossible for “builders” to get anything done and besides, they often kick their friends. We finally had to make a rule that says, “blocks are not for kicking.”

    I love that you let them toss the blocks as part of clean up. I haven’t done that. Maybe I should???


    1. yes! walking through legos makes me cringe.

      what isn’t shown in the photos, is that i spend time moving unused legos back to the rugs so builders can sit on the perimeter. then the rule is not to walk on the rug at all…just sit on the edge and reach (or move to get the piece you want).

      what might work better is if i would make a tape border on the floor around the rug. then builders step over the border of legos and come inside to build….hmmmmm.


      yes, “blocks are not for kicking.”


  3. I am so glad to see somebody else’s room look like ours!
    Thank you again for sharing your day with so many of us, you have become my help mate!




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