h is for haiti

when a preschooler’s mama has traveled to haiti, it provides the perfect opportunity to hear what kids know.

letter to dr jenny

just like the public service announcements on pbs cautioning parents in terms of children seeing too many images of the destruction of haiti, i hesitate to burst bubbles of protection that parents have created.

letter to dr jenny

but in vague enough terms with plenty of compassion, preschoolers shared what they knew about the devastation in haiti.

and dr. jenny, we wish you well as you travel home.  thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

h is for house


a “house” was made with a long piece of fabric* threaded through the ceiling tile.  very fun.


we kept the table under it until we finished a house project.  then we attached the “house” to two rocking chairs.


this means that when you sit under the house and someone rocks in the chairs, there is a beautiful sweeping motion.  ahhhhhhh.


*i bought this roll of fabric at the thrift shop not knowing what i would use it for.  many things so far!