s is for snip





f is for fruit salad

cut that apple.  cut that banana.  cut that pear.  cut those grapes.

f is for fruit salad

we snipped paper over a table-sized piece of clear contact paper.  i make the “fruit” pieces small enough that one full snip should cut off a piece of paper (does that make sense?). during this project, if a child was successful in cutting, i did not correct scissor holding.

f is for fruit salad

then we covered the snips of “fruit” with another piece of contact paper, cut them apart and sent them home.

f is for fruit salad

fruit salad.  yummy, yummy.

6 thoughts on “s is for snip

  1. Oh, this is a cool idea. I have a whole roll of clear contact paper in my storage closet. I love that it’s a community art project that still has a take-home component. I can’t wait to try it!

    Monday, that’s the day!




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