a is for address

again, a skill that we do not expect mastery of.


this is simply planting of the seed.  each house has an address.  if you have a house, you have an address.


we made our paper houses again (many, many different designs!) with paper shapes and glue.


adding the photo in one of the windows was fun.

working in the house

then the children had one on one time for me to look up their address and write it down.


at the end of the day we did a little “show and tell” with each project.

8 thoughts on “a is for address

  1. I love how you’ve incorporated shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles) in the lesson as well. I also like the way it looks like you’re doing the project inside your fabric house. What a great way to make it more fun and cozy.

    I’m glad you’re starting on addresses so young. Whenever the firefighters visit our school they always tell us that it’s important our kids know their addresses in case they’re the ones who have to call 9-1-1. Or, of course, if they get lost.


  2. Unless you live in Costa Rica. Here there are no house numbers! And no road names or numbers! You give your address by using landmarks. I’m not sure how they teach that to kids.


    1. ha!

      yes! just today i talked to someone about not every house having an address. not every house having numbers. not even in our town.

      and what is perfectly clever is the child who said, “i don’t need an address, everyone knows i live by the store.”




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