p is for (snowy) pinecone

i first saw this as a project to turn pinecones into little owls.  imagine these with owl eyes glued on.  cute.


in anticipation of christmas, we just made them as snowy pinecones.  using these from discount school supply, we poked cotton balls in. clearly a pencil would work too!   it was easiest if the cotton balls were pulled apart into tinier pieces.


oh, snowy pinecones, welcome to the season.

s is for star

i can’t remember where i saw this project.

the way it works is by putting a shape of contact paper (or laminate in our case) on old mat board (or whatever you have), then water color painting over the whole surface.  this proved to be a big task and it evolved into an opportunity for teacher-child bonding.  we would sit and help them paint their boards when they wanted it.

after the paint isn’t dripping (either because it has dried or because we dab it with paper towel), the kids peel off the laminate.

so pretty.