k is for kansas

kansas turns 149 today (and no, i did not stay up until midnight to post this…i usually do a bunch of posts and schedule them for later).

butter time

our  kansas celebrations this week include making butter to eating zweiback brought by families.  its such a simple process, i don’t know why i don’t do it more often.

we used fancy local cream that came in a glass bottle, poured it in another jar and shook, shook, shook.

butter time

butter time

suddenly you hear a thunk, thunk, thunk and you know the butter is flopping around in there!

butter time

we sang happy birthday by “candlelight” (thanks for the inspiration, tom!) and enjoyed our feast.

butter timebutter timebutter time

it’s been a cozy week.

s is for sunflower


all i could find was a slightly neon-toned yellow paper.  we put out yellow crayons and pens to soften the color a bit.


then snowflake style, we offered the preschoolers a paper folded in fourths with one petal shape drawn on.


some thought they worked better as airplanes.


then gluing them around a center and adding an O shape for the middle with a cardboard stem.


our state flower!

k is for ketchup paint

in anticipation of christmas projects, i wanted some painted paper that looks like fire.  since it was k week, we started with red paint (in a ketchup bottle).  this is almost as funny as this.



we added a new color each day:  red, yellow, orange.

the yellow was glitter paint!


the first day we painted paper taped to the table.  since i had to clean the table anyway, we switched to painting the actual table and making prints of their work.


here is proof that they were wearing paint shirts.  i don’t think any of their clothes stayed clean, though:


k is for key


keys and locks (that really worked together!) and a lock box brought by a friend (thank you, micah!).


all sorts of things got locked up in that lock box.  i think i’ll get one of my own.



:: :: :: :: ::

we used the same beads as last week plus some key rings and made key chains.


:: :: :: ::

we traced keys in our journals…woa, tricky.


t is for tattle tale

we finished pre-k conferences last night…a time when i think of each child in a new way.  when i imagine them in a new setting, usually in a more traditional classroom setting.

and i get protective….and feisty.

2008-2009 graduates

my simple requests:

i ask now that none of these kids be considered a tattle tale.

i ask that when a child brings a concern, it is met with eye contact and attention.

i ask that when a child tells you that someone’s pencil dropped on the floor, you thank them for letting you know.

i ask that when a child tells you that someone is being mean to someone else, you take that as a sign that you can do more in your classroom.

i ask that when a child cries and whines about the same thing everyday, you receive that as his hurt that needs your attention.

i ask that you remember it doesn’t take much to help a child feel safe.

i ask that  you don’t consider children tattle tales.  even if they are just “trying to get someone else in trouble,” doesn’t that point to a need in the so-considered tattle tale?

tattle tale

oh, i get defensive of these children as they prepare to leave the nest.

i know there are wonderful, wonderful teachers in traditional classrooms.

i know there are always different ways we can care for the children in my classroom.

i know i do not have all the answers.

but i also know these children and from the depth of me, wish them well.

okay, stepping down from the soap box now.