r is for rainbow kite

actually, i thought of these as wind-catchers, but the preschoolers exclaimed things like, “oh yeah!  a kite!”…so they became kites.

the first step was cutting a hole out of the center.  any kind of hole.  i learned quickly (and should have known!) to poke the scissor through first (thankfully we avoided hurt children).

rainbow streamer kitesrainbow streamer kites

then was the tricky work of choosing streamers and gluing them on in rainbow order.  oh, tricky.

rainbow streamer kites

rainbow streamer kites

we had beautiful weather these days…great for kite flying.

p is for pink

to the tune of “if you’re happy and you know it…”

when you mix red and white you get pink

when you mix red and white you get pink

when you mix them you will see

a new color magically

when you mix red and white you get pink

red + white = pink

with a squirt of red and a squirt of white in a sealed baggie, we squished and squashed them.

red + white = pink

red + white = pink

red + white = pink

then we snipped the ends and squirted out the pink paint (kind of like frosting!).

red + white = pink

there were lots of different brushes and rollers to choose from (and extra bathroom clean up after handwashing). : )

red + white = pink

also discovered was that the other end of the paintbrush can be used to “write” in the paint.

red + white = pink

in this color blending experiment, we discovered what happens with extra red….

red + white = pink

red + white = pink

when the paper dried we cut hearts from it!



some of the hearts went to the valentine station and some of the hearts were turned into valentines for the grandma and grandpa friends.

by the way, my favorite moment was when i brought out the ketchup bottle from k week (with red paint in it…which i highly recommnend…as well as yelow paint in a mustard bottle, white paint in a milk jug, etc.) and poured it on the paper. oh, funny stuff. some of the preschoolers gave a preschool version of rolling their eyes at me.

red + white = pink

o is for orange

oh, my kids were hopeful when i brought home a box of orange koolaid singles.  but no, it was for preschool.  to which eliza beamed at the older two.

o is for orange 0809 - 4

we didn’t drink it, though!

i had it out on our project table but didn’t draw specific attention to it.  when we went to circle time, we discussed colors a bit and then colored a paper plate with different shades of orange.

o is for orange 0809 - 7

we listened to raffi sing “apples and bananas” two times and had to color the WHOLE time he was singing.  (this song was perfect for O week as we remembered the letters that are vowels.)

then i asked if anyone had noticed anything else orange in the classroom that we might use.  it was fun to see the light bulbs go off as some called out and some ran over to get the kool aid.

o is for orange 0809 - 1

we tasted it, smelled it, wrote with our finger in it when it was poured on a plate.
then we glued it on a circle-O shape of glue.

o is for orange 0809 - 2

o is for orange 0809 - 5

k is for kansas

kansas day 0809 - 07 by you.

we had a week of celebrating kansas and nature around us.

kansas day 0809 - 02 by you.

we used our fingertips to make the seeds in the center of a sunflower shaped paper.

kansas day 0809 - 03 by you.kansas day 0809 - 01 by you.

it is harder than it seems to make our fingers go up and down instead of round and round.

kansas day 0809 - 04 by you.

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

we made preschool-versiona of kansas seals in several steps.

kansas day 0809 - 08 by you.

painting (including fingernails for some), pressing on paper shapes, then adding a real wheat sprig.

kansas day 0809 - 09 by you.

kansas day 0809 - 10

kansas day 0809 - 12

kansas day 0809 - 13

kansas day 0809 - 14

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

we used old “kansas barns” calendars as coloring sheets. or as cutting and taping and gluing sheets.

kansas day 0809 - 11

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :

kansas day 0809 - 06 by you.

kansas week would not be complete without a wagon ride. much softer and smoother than way back when, but fun. we were taking out show and tell basket on a visit the grandma and grandpa friends.

kansas day 0809 - 05 by you.