o is for outdoor dreams

i want this (all images from progressive early childhood….i wish i could visit in real life!):

i also want a huge pvc pipe for the kids to roll around in.   and huge boulders for the kids to climb on.  and a little stream running through the playground.

playground moments - 02 by you.

i am so grateful for what we have.  safe equipment, lots of green space, sidewalks for rainy days, big trees…

IMG_2281.JPGplayground moments - 08

and for the new rock that will protect while jumping and be loaded in dump trucks.

playground moments - 06

but seriously, if you are close enough to drop some of this other stuff (logs, tree trunks, slices of tree trunks, tractor tires, an old wooden boat, pvc pipes, a concrete tube…)off on our playground, please do.

thanks for the inspiration and the reminders of what we have.

p is for playground

playground moments - 02 by you.

our playground is complete enough to meet state standards!  but the grass will wear down quickly so we are having ground cover installed (after some farm work is complete and the farm trucks are free).  there are clusters of church friends who have energy and ideas to make this happen.  i am so grateful.

playground moments - 07

these play structures are not meant to be moved and reinstalled.

playground moments - 12

it was a lot of work.

playground moments - 13

but many smiles have been had already.

playground moments - 06

playground moments - 14

playground moments - 03

playground moments - 01

playground moments - 09

playground moments - 05

playground moments - 04

here we are thanking mr. kevin in person.  : )

playground moments

playground moments

we’re eager to enjoy hanging out in the space all year long.

playground moments - 08

o is for obstacle course


for “exercise week” we had an indoor obstacle course set up.









i am glad to announce there were no injuries!

:: :: :: :: :: ::

i want to remember to do this during the winter months when extended outside time is limited.

b is for BIG collage carrot

i decided to use a piece of cardboard and left over orange paper to make a BIG version of our collage carrots (in case that maybe real-maybe not real easter bunny is really hungry).

BIG carrot collage

again, we pretended there were no scissors.  again, we used up all the glue we had (for real).

BIG carrot collageBIG carrot collage

and i should not be surprised that my TTH class thought to dig through the shelves to find orange/green ribbon and lace. i love that!

BIG carrot collage

it wasn’t dry when we left school for easter break, so i am excited to see it finished and shiny from all the glue.

s is for suncatcher

we cut plastic binder dividers into strips, then snipped more, then pressed them on a piece of laminate, then added another piece of laminate on top.

rainbow suncatchers

when the pieces of colored plastic would overlap, we would see color blending.  beautiful.

rainbow suncatchers