o is for outdoor dreams

i want this (all images from progressive early childhood….i wish i could visit in real life!):

i also want a huge pvc pipe for the kids to roll around in.   and huge boulders for the kids to climb on.  and a little stream running through the playground.

playground moments - 02 by you.

i am so grateful for what we have.  safe equipment, lots of green space, sidewalks for rainy days, big trees…

IMG_2281.JPGplayground moments - 08

and for the new rock that will protect while jumping and be loaded in dump trucks.

playground moments - 06

but seriously, if you are close enough to drop some of this other stuff (logs, tree trunks, slices of tree trunks, tractor tires, an old wooden boat, pvc pipes, a concrete tube…)off on our playground, please do.

thanks for the inspiration and the reminders of what we have.

3 thoughts on “o is for outdoor dreams

  1. Oh man, if only we could’ve known about this a few months ago… I would have hauled LOADS of tree trunks and slices to you! Maybe there will be more at some point. If we run across any of these things, I will bring them to you… we’re not that far across town from you. We’ll keep our eyes open! :)


  2. Thanks for the mention :) We are so lucky to have so much space and it seems ungrateful to say “but mostly it is just an expanse of grass” but really, mostly it is is just an expanse of grass. We will be actively scrounging for anything we can find this year in terms of natural resources. I’d love to find some really big logs. And some tree stumps of different sizes. I was thinking of calling up local landscaping and tree lopping businesses and seeing if they could drop some off for us.

    And I’d also like some not so natural resources like some A-frames and balance beams but have you seen how expensive those are in the catalogues!

    Let us know what gets dropped off at your place :)


  3. I love Jenny’s blog. She’s done so much research and has been so generous in sharing it!

    I just dropped off a dozen tree rounds at school, along with a collection of terra cotta pots, and some wooden and whicker garden furniture. We’re an urban school, but we think we can create a special place out of our little courtyard and garden from the free/cheap resources from our parent community. You’re not the only one she’s inspired!



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