b is for BIG collage carrot

i decided to use a piece of cardboard and left over orange paper to make a BIG version of our collage carrots (in case that maybe real-maybe not real easter bunny is really hungry).

BIG carrot collage

again, we pretended there were no scissors.  again, we used up all the glue we had (for real).

BIG carrot collageBIG carrot collage

and i should not be surprised that my TTH class thought to dig through the shelves to find orange/green ribbon and lace. i love that!

BIG carrot collage

it wasn’t dry when we left school for easter break, so i am excited to see it finished and shiny from all the glue.

2 thoughts on “b is for BIG collage carrot

  1. I love that carrot. I saw it hanging up in one of the newer posts and had to go back far enough to see it again! It looks like you all have so much fun. I wish I could work there :)


  2. I know I’m always leaving little comments here and there, but sometimes I just can’t help it. I know you don’t usually post awards, but I still wanted to bestow the I Love Your Blog Award on you because YES, I really do LOVE you blog. Thanks for all. Trish



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