m is for multi-age classroom

this. is. why. i. love. the. multi-age. classroom.

old and young

our youngest student with one of our oldest.

old and young

connecting, honing compassion, learning new skills, modeling patience, finding common ground.

while there are no doubt challenges, this is the environment i find ideal.

c is for campfire (valentine’s style)

when we had 3 bags of marshmallows come to preschool, we made time for a campfire to “roast” them.

valentine goodness

using our battery tea light candles, some smooth dowels (thank you otis) and a red scarf, we had a delightful campfire.

valentine goodness

i am grateful that no one got hurt with the skewers and i hope there aren’t too many cavities.

valentine goodness

i plan to keep the tea lights, dowel rods and scarf as a kit for children to use.  i think it would make a great gift for a young child too!

p is for pizza



we painted paper plates with red paint (sauce) and added torn paper bits (toppings).


i wanted some traditional “pizza parlor” music while we painted and couldn’t find what i wanted on pandora.  i googled “pizza song” and found dear uncle moishy.

pizza song

maybe some of you know him, i didn’t until now.  but this song hasn’t left my mind.

uncle moishy

good stuff

it is a general policy of mine that i don’t show screens (tv or computer), but we did get a peek at uncle moishy’s “pizza song movie.”

movie time

after viewing it, i adapted the computer so we could hear it but not watch it. : )

no screen

d is for dry erase

some dry erase boards erase so nicely.

some do not.

dry erase

our display cases erase beautifully.  here we are using one that aren’t on the wall.

dry erase

dry erase

huh, i don’t know what they were all looking at.

m is for martin (luther king jr blocks)

yes!  this wasn’t in my lesson plans, but it made a way for dr. king to enter into our dramatic play a bit more.

martin blocks

“look, dr. king, this is you!”

martin blocks

i heard murmurings of why he was smiling sometimes and why he was serious sometimes.

martin blocks

martin blocks

we spend a lot of time looking in mirrors during our M is for Martin week.

martin blocks

all of us. : )