m is for martin (luther king jr blocks)

yes!  this wasn’t in my lesson plans, but it made a way for dr. king to enter into our dramatic play a bit more.

martin blocks

“look, dr. king, this is you!”

martin blocks

i heard murmurings of why he was smiling sometimes and why he was serious sometimes.

martin blocks

martin blocks

we spend a lot of time looking in mirrors during our M is for Martin week.

martin blocks

all of us. : )

4 thoughts on “m is for martin (luther king jr blocks)

  1. I copied this one today, except I didn’t have regular wood people so I used wooden stacking robots! The kids kept talking about how they were building with “Martin Luther King,” but since the parents were standing up, they couldn’t see the pictures. It was freaking them out. One mom, kept asking her son why he thought MLK was a robot!



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