m is for multi-age classroom

this. is. why. i. love. the. multi-age. classroom.

old and young

our youngest student with one of our oldest.

old and young

connecting, honing compassion, learning new skills, modeling patience, finding common ground.

while there are no doubt challenges, this is the environment i find ideal.

9 thoughts on “m is for multi-age classroom

  1. making me cry…where did my baby go?
    How much backroom shopping do I have to do for you to give me a CD will all of Elsie’s pictures? hee hee


  2. I just recently found your blog when looking for ideas for how to do school time with my 2 1/2 year old and I love the atmosphere you create for learning as well as the many projects you have on here. Thanks for sharing!


    1. We follow our state guidelines for a “preschool” which allows children who are at least 30 months and not yet in kindergarten (so if a child “waits a year” before starting, we can have children turn 6 while in our program).



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