m is for move

during circle time we sit on little pieces of tape.

valentine goodness

but when it is story time, children are invited to move so they can see.

our preschoolers learn very quickly that…

if you can’t see, move.

if you are squished, move.

if you are crowded, move.

if you are too far away, move.

if you are too close, move.

valentine goodness

they can move at any point in the story, as their needs change.

right on cue, by mid year some of the oldest kids stay in the back.  they realize they can still see and they are less crowded.

4 thoughts on “m is for move

  1. I love your site. I’ve read it for over a year now and it has provided such encouragement and support and great ideas for me as a parent. I stay at home, but send my oldest daughter to preschool a couple of mornings a week. When I began looking for programs, in AL, your ideas and approaches were my standard. I found a program that I love and that I think comes alongside me as a parent to nurture my child. It took a lot of searching and we drive out of our way to go there, but your site showed me what could and should be expected from a preschool environment. Thank you for your incredible love for kids, your passion for creativity and your commitment to the process of teaching with respect and dignity.



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