k is for kansas

kansas day 0809 - 07 by you.

we had a week of celebrating kansas and nature around us.

kansas day 0809 - 02 by you.

we used our fingertips to make the seeds in the center of a sunflower shaped paper.

kansas day 0809 - 03 by you.kansas day 0809 - 01 by you.

it is harder than it seems to make our fingers go up and down instead of round and round.

kansas day 0809 - 04 by you.

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

we made preschool-versiona of kansas seals in several steps.

kansas day 0809 - 08 by you.

painting (including fingernails for some), pressing on paper shapes, then adding a real wheat sprig.

kansas day 0809 - 09 by you.

kansas day 0809 - 10

kansas day 0809 - 12

kansas day 0809 - 13

kansas day 0809 - 14

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

we used old “kansas barns” calendars as coloring sheets. or as cutting and taping and gluing sheets.

kansas day 0809 - 11

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :

kansas day 0809 - 06 by you.

kansas week would not be complete without a wagon ride. much softer and smoother than way back when, but fun. we were taking out show and tell basket on a visit the grandma and grandpa friends.

kansas day 0809 - 05 by you.

3 thoughts on “k is for kansas

  1. What fun adventures with “Kansas.”
    I have to get some white boards for our class. I think their full of fun. Unfortunatley, it’s one of those purchases I keep putting off til later. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Hi There,
    I really enjoy your site I am a Preschool Teacher in Colorado. Where did you get your containers for your crayons? Also, where did you get the trays that I have seen in past posts (the ones used for art activites)?
    Thanks, denise



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