w is for writing boards

writing boards 0809 - 08

here is the best $20 i’ve spent in a long time.

writing boards 0809 - 01 by you.

we’re working on letter formation, holding the marker comfortably and moving towards holding it in the “kindergarten way,” sound recognition, upper and lower case differences, and simple exploration.

writing boards 0809 - 03 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 04 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 06 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 09

writing boards 0809 - 10

writing boards 0809 - 11

writing boards 0809 - 13

writing boards 0809 - 02 by you.

it is satisfying to watch the them go through the steps of choosing a board, getting a paper towel, and write, wipe, write, wipe, write, wipe.

writing boards 0809 - 12

writing boards 0809 - 14

(she moved to our play kitchen for this photo.  hee hee hee)

7 thoughts on “w is for writing boards

  1. The children in my classroom have always seen using the white board markers as exta special……but unfortunately they do cost a lot. I find there needs to be a lot of ‘rules’ around the use of the markers to give them a longer shelf life.
    Pushing gently and always putting the lids back on.
    I know the value of using these boards with children, so hope the need to regulate their use doesn’t put too many people off.
    I also find using the magna doodle boards great too.


  2. These are absolutely fantastic. I immediately went out and purchased one to use with the kids I work with! I love how mistakes can be quickly rubbed out :)


  3. Our whiteboards (no lines) inspire HOURS of writing and drawing fun almost daily with my girls. And they are fun for all ages- my older girls even use them to help themselves study. I am going to pick up some with lines after seeing this…


  4. My class loves these boards too. I have taken pictures of their board work or had them go to the copy machine to make copies too but what they really love is how they can erase and begin again.


  5. I have these for my kids too and I agree, GREAT investment. Remember this.. is there is some marker residue OR someone uses a marker not meant for it…. Mr Clean Magic Eraser is wonderfil!



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