k is for key


keys and locks (that really worked together!) and a lock box brought by a friend (thank you, micah!).


all sorts of things got locked up in that lock box.  i think i’ll get one of my own.



:: :: :: :: ::

we used the same beads as last week plus some key rings and made key chains.


:: :: :: ::

we traced keys in our journals…woa, tricky.


3 thoughts on “k is for key

  1. Love keys and locks, love watching their eyes when they finally get it unlocked
    We have trays just like yours, thanks to Burger King


  2. We love keys and locks. I know you probably have done it before, but another Favorite is big, chunky nuts and bolts. They love the feel of the metal and the heaviness of them. I am impressed with the journal tracing… I can see it being tricky :) And I love the array of materials for the key chains, they were beautiful!! It looks like your class is pretty busy this month :)



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