t is for tape ball

so, the big tape collage was getting pretty round.


we turned it into a tape ball and suspended it like our pumpkin.




and YES, there is regular redirecting to not pull or hang or kick  or swing…


5 thoughts on “t is for tape ball

  1. Is there directions on how to make the tape machine somewhere online? I would love to make one for my classroom! Great ideas as usual! Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. I love the tape ball. Tape is one of my favorite tools for preschoolers but we haven’t made a tape ball that big! Maybe we need some more tape exploration soon….


  3. I am so impressed by that tape ball!

    I just wrote a post about how much tape we use at preschool, but I think you guys even out-tape us!

    And I love the look of those tape machines. I might have to look into those.



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