a is for advent


it’s getting festive and friendly around here!



with only a few new props, play has evolved to santa, jesus, reindeer, trees, chimneys, mary and joseph…



and a couple days of spontaneous pageants with theology i wish i would have written down

5 thoughts on “a is for advent

  1. You make me wish we could do Christmas activities. We have lots of Jewish, Muslim and and even a Hindu family this year, so it’s just easiest to stick with winter and solstice themes. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to experience through you, Kristin.


  2. I’m not a very jealous person but every time I get on your site I am so jealous that one of my kiddos can’t come to your preschool. (We don’t live in KS) It’s EVERYTHING I want for them!! You are an amazing teacher!!! I keep wondering if their is a way to give the site to my twins preschool teacher so she can have some ideas sparked . . . wouldn’t want to offend her but you just do it all so well and developmentally!!! Thanks for sharing them all!!



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