w is for wind

i was in charge of an intergenerational sunday school time on the topic of the holy spirit.  we made these wind catchers to demonstrate that even if you can’t see the wind, you know it is there because the fabric moves.  with church and preschool sharing space, we share these now too.


the children are surrounded by streams of color that move with every passerby.


i am surrounded by the reminder that goodness and peace are moving with us.


p.s.  to make one you need a panel from old wire shelving units and about 20 thrifted scarves. : )

7 thoughts on “w is for wind

  1. yes, when there’s a heavy moment, just look up and see what was playfully, generously, thoughtfully tied there by hands you know, silk wafting through their fingers so softly that it took cooperation between 2 or 3 generations for each attachment. a weightless “prayer shawl” that dances.



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