y is for yarn

oh, joy. we made a HUGE spider web, working on it for a week.

weaving a web at preschool

we used donated/thrifted yarn and with four points tied to furniture, we wove and wove. under and over. sometimes the balls of yarn would be thrown to a friend across the web. only one did a supporting shelf get pulled over (and thankfully no injuries).

weaving a web at preschool

when i explained to the class that we would have the fun job of cutting it apart once we finished, one little friend got wide eyes and said, “but i am making a rug!” and another said, “i’m making a balnket!” so thanks to these resourceful minds, we will not cut apart the web rug blanket, we will keep it. : )

s is for spider and w is for web too : )

4 thoughts on “y is for yarn

  1. I am a regular reader of your blog. It is my favorite resource. Can you tell me how you made the web? Do you begin it as a whole group activity? Thanks!!!



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