n is for newspaper

newspaper n

what i love about these kind of projects is when we see it extended.  so yes, this was squares of newspaper glued on a block n form, but what you can’t see are the dictations of what it really is:

“the top of one side is a volcano”

“the top of the other side is blasting out hot lava”

“the bottom of the other side is the hot lava that cools off and rolls down”

one technique we use is having a teacher put down dots of glue for a child to hide…this changes the focus of the project for some…it becomes a one-to-one correspondence activity rather than a making-pools-of-glue project (because glue sticks usually irritate me).

One thought on “n is for newspaper

  1. I’ve been reading your other blog for quite some time and really enjoyed it. Being a retired Preschool teacher then director, this new blog is just what I needed to scratch my itch for all things “early childhood”. Your projects are all so fun and “developmentally appropriate”. Love them!

    I look forward to coming to your school to play daily! Play? That’s how children learn. Right?

    Kathy b



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