e is for ear

we make “super ears” with empty toilet paper rolls and colored masking tape (really we could have used anything to decorate these, though i wouldn’t use markers because i h.a.t.e. how markers smear).  what makes these super ears is that when you put the tube over your ear, everything sounds louder.  of course we have to remember not to be close to someone’s super ear when we are talking (or yelling) or else we could hurt their ear.

super ear ii

this led us to discussions of bats, playing guessing games of whose voice is whose when we had our eyes closed, to conversations on blindness, to a request to visit grandpa bill upstairs who can’t see us but knows we are there when we sing to him or rub his arm.

oh yes, super ears…the catalyst for wonderful learning moments.

i want to do a s is for super hero theme someday (on the goodness of superheros, on the wonder of every human being having some super quality that we can find if we look, etc.)…these would be good for that week.


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