a is for address

i love to offer preschoolers real items to use (the montessori influence).  starting early in the school year, i bring out phone books for preschoolers to use as they like.  when i use current phone books, we can usually find each preschooler’s family…what fun that is.

and yes, the fuzzy blue hat will make this work feel even more important.

3 thoughts on “a is for address

  1. My mom & I are both puzzle freaks, so my preschool-aged daughter is interested in the pencil puzzles we do. My mom took the answer pages from the back of a Sudoku puzzle book (with all the numbers entereed in the grids, 1-9 somewhere in each 3x3x3 grid). Then she wrote a lage number (again, 1-9) at the top of each “puzzle.” She then staples the pages together for my daughter’s own puzzle book. My daughter then goes through and circles all of the indicated number in each puzzle (or scribbles it out, depending on her mood or the directions).


  2. Cute photo! Sorry if this is s dumb question, but how else (besides finding their families–with help, I assume) do they use these?



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