t is for tail

so during animal week we make tails.  i could have thrifted knee high pantyhose, but that gave me the willies.  and at 49 cents a pair, i was okay with it…plus, i got 18 little plastic egg holders too!

i have never had to remind kids as often as this year to keep them in the back…we’re trying to show people that we are animals, so let’s be realisticif the tail is in the front people won’t know for sure what we are doinghmmmm, how can i help you keep that from moving to the front?


oh, my remaining 12 year old self is giggling on the inside…rejoicing in the humor of our creation…after all, we are funny looking creatures. so if you, too, want to have a tail, grab yourself the needed supplies and stuff away.

oh, good times in the ‘room…


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