b is for birthday

i love to honor the birthday child in the classroom.

we bring the knitted cupcakes from katie to the housekeeping corner and bring out the birthday puzzle to the puzzle corner.

at circle time before snack, we make a little cake out of playdoh (and joke that if they don’t watch out their mamas and daddies might eat it) and figure out how many candles to put in.  according to the rules of our building, though, we can’t light the candles til we get home.

happy birthday, dear ones…

2 thoughts on “b is for birthday

  1. The knitted cupcakes are incredible! I’d love a pattern so I can do that for my kinders. We’re not allowed to have any food in the classroom anymore, so no fun parties, but knitted cupcakes would be so much fun to have a pretend celebration!



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