t is for tree

techincally this should be a is for apple tree, but we make these trees for many reasons during a school year.

apple tree trunk.JPG

one class made the trunk, one class made the leafy top, and then we added apple print apples.

0809 - 03

this was the first painting project of the school year.  i intentionally gave brushes, but gave no instruction on whether to use hands or not.  most of the children used their hands and some of the children were vocal about being grateful they didn’t have to!

after painting, the children carry their brushes to the bathroom sink to “help” rinse them out.  as is true with many things, it may be easier (and neater) to have a teacher wash them all at once but their ownership in completing the process is clear.

One thought on “t is for tree

  1. Yes – it would be tidier for the teacher to do it but children get such a sense of accomplishment when we give them real jobs to do in the classroom. Lovely idea.



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