e is for egg experiment

when the words “science experiment” or “let’s go to the kitchen” are spoken…there is obvious excitement.

here was one of our science experiments (done in the kitchen!) for e week:

egg 0809.JPG

it really is an amazing experiment.  one litle guy said, “okay. i. am. doing. this. at. home. with. my. dad.”  consider yourself warned, russ.

floating egg 0809.JPG

and after our egg floated, we looked at our drawings from the days before of circles and ovals (to remember the shape of eggs).  then took our journals and drew the egg either sinking or floating

journal 2 0809.JPG

or drew many eggs in the jar because “that would have been even cooler.”

journal 0809.JPG

those preschoolers who are not drawing circle or oval shapes yet were very successful making scribble shapes for the water.

we had a wooden brown egg in the middle of each table as a still-life prop and gentle music playing in the background.

really very nice.

maybe i should say egg-stra nice. : )

p.s.  this egg was still safe to eat!

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