g is for guess who!?!?!

g week and halloween came at the same time this year. the hulk didn’t scare too many of his friends…he has such a gentle smile under the mask.

g/halloween week 0809 - 2 by you.

the giraffe sat and watched the block building from her perch.

g/halloween week 0809 - 1 by you.

the pony and santa relaxed (maybe cooled off?…it is so warm in our classroom!) during book time.

g/halloween week 0809 - 3 by you.

our pumpkins changed their looks as well.

guess what we did?

using blocks from the block corner, we used our muscles and pounded sticks and golf tees to make hair and teeth.

g/halloween week 0809 - 4 by you.

g/halloween week 0809 - 6 by you.

then the teachers helped hot glue fake fur, rick rack, eyes and pom poms on where preschoolers wanted.

g/halloween week 0809 - 5 by you.

it was funny how different they all looked! and that some of them were named. meet travis

g/halloween week 0809 - 7 by you.

we introduced (or reintroduced) the question mark symbol. one kiddo asked where it was in the alphabet. : ) we read books that asked questions and used our five senses to discern what different things were.

g/halloween week 0809 - 8 by you.

hiding in bags we smelled coffee grounds, listened to a bell and felt rubber bands. at snack time we we tasted crackers and saw each other’s costumes!

our friday preschoolers turned into a pumpkin making factory using different shapes. these were funny ones…very few of them were orange!

g/halloween week 0809 - 9 by you.

we went trick or treating at the elders rooms…always a treat for them to see such sweet little costumed kids.


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