h is for hospital

with a little rearranging we created a hospital in the classroom.

h week 0809 - 2 by you.

hospital beds for the dolls and animals (and for the preschoolers who weren’t afraid to squeeze in).  cheap masking tape was used for band-aids and bandages.

h week 0809 - 3 by you.

there was an xray station (with real human xrays…thank you ms. aimee and real animal xrays i ordered years ago from lakeshore).

h week 0809 - 7 by you.

we turned our cart into an ambulance which has been moving surprisingly slow in the classroom.

h week 0809 - 08 by you.

the hospital office has been very busy.  all of my procedures one day cost me “thirty nine and nine” each time.

h week 0809 - 1 by you.

h week 0809 - 4 by you.

we’ll keep the hospital for i week….because i is also for illness, infant, injury and infirmary. : )

One thought on “h is for hospital

  1. i loved the hospital week! (being a nurse). did ethan tell you what he learned about the body? his auntie rachel has tried to teach him about how everything works in the human body.
    i love what you´re doing with this blog…its so fun to see what my little nephew is up to!! thanks!

    ethan´s auntie rachel



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