h is for hat, hair, hand and house

preschoolers brought their own hats this week.  i felt like i was on elmo’s world when i asked them one at a time during show and tell:  how do you put a hat on? if they wanted to, preschoolers took a turn to stand on a capital H taped to the floor and show us how they put their hats on.  cute.

h week 0809 - 05 by you.

we made hair bands.

h week 0809 - 04 by you.

with duct tape and fun foam strips, they could lay the strips on the tape anyway they like.  then we covered the tape with another piece of tape and measured them to fit.

h week 0809 - 06 by you.

h week 0809 - 10 by you.

h week 0809 - 03 by you.

a preschool village is nearly complete.

h week 0809 - 6 by you.

h week 0809 - 5 by you.

the only rules were for each house to have at least one door, one window and one roof (many have more of each!).  we’ve added a road and will add christmas decorations once advent starts. we’ll also introduce children to their address and add house numbers.

h week 0809 - 8 by you.

these hand puppets were silly.  we cut old manila folders and colored and added paper fingernails.  then stapled a piece of paper on the back so our real hands could fit in.

h week 0809 - 9 by you.

waving hello and hi and hola was more fun!

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