c is for crown

in honor of the new year, we read amanda dade’s new years parade and noticed all the amazing hats and crowns. we also noticed that it is a little girl who leads the parade and then gets to STOP the parade.  hmmmmmm.

afterwards, we used outdated calendars to make our own crowns.

january 0809 - 03

january 0809 - 06

january 0809 - 07

again, more finger muscle work folding the strips. some were most successful doing a basic crumble or scrunch. the other end of the spectrum was accordian-style folding. most kids enjoyed rolling the strips and pressing down to make creases.

january 0809 - 05

january 0809 - 04

we were relishing the beautiful weather and actually brought our project outside to do! several kids called out a spontaneous, “happy new year!” when we put the crowns on.

happy new year indeed.


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