s is for show and tell

we do show and tell every day with guidelines given in our monthly newsletter. for instance, M week: bring something that starts with M. for G week: bring something that grows. for B week: bring a baby picture of yourself. well, for the first week after christmas break, there were no guidelines. simply bring what you like! we made sure to do show and tell early enough in the day so there would be time to use those things during work time. other than the times we sat so quietly listening to ms. vilia’s books, it was busy, busy, busy! like christmas morning all over again!

january 0809 - 15

january 0809 - 11

january 0809 - 08

january 0809 - 09

january 0809 - 10

i don’t think there has ever been roller skating in the classroom before. why did we wait so long?


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