c is for conflict

i was simply taking a picture of the “wedding” that was happening and then helped clarify that if someone wanted her name to be sally it could be even though that is the name of another someone’s (ah-hem) dog.

i didn’t realize i captured this on the photo (and the dozen others taken around this one).


i am fascinated looking at each child.  it seems as though everyone is aware of the conflict and reacting in their own way.

we work every day to find ways to work together.  lately one class is working to include anyone who wants to join in already established play.  the latest “rule” is that everyone has to have a role and they have to be pleased with it (within reason…if this isn’t able to be figured out, we teachers move in to facilitate a bit).  just today i watched a little girl with puzzled expression grumble to no one in particular, “yeah, but if i tell him to do that, he won’t be happy.”  somehow it all worked out.

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