q is for q hands

when i had a circle of preschoolers who needed a little “wowing.” the moments when someone simply stands up and walks away, when two others whimper like dogs and i realize they’ve not stopped their work time game, when the few that were sitting on their little piece of tape are now looking bored, when there is a full volume conversation about halloween costumes (from nearly 4 months ago)…get the image?

the circle time focus for the day was that U usually follows Q. i decided to quickly write a Q on one hand a U on the other. then sing the the letters Q, U, Q, U, Q, U, Q, U while opening my hands for the correct letter.

Q hand

U hand

i got them all back! yes.

6 thoughts on “q is for q hands

  1. Oh, I’ve just found you through crafty crow…What an inspiring class you have!!! Just what I need to help boost me through the March-May rush at school!!!



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