p is for puddle


we were given hundreds of HUGE coffee filters a few years ago.  i fear we may finish them up this year.  we used them with colored water (food coloring and liquid watercolors) and pipettes.


when they dried, we added the text strip:  “here is my puddle, oh what a muddle.”  the kids loved saying this as we looked through the completed projects.


with some of the extra rain puddles, we cut out letter U for our journals.


we did brainstorming (ha!) of what can happen in a storm.  i imitated the sirens that go off every week in town (for testing or for severe weather).  that was a funny time, alright.  then we took the completed list to the colored water table and let it “rainbow rain” all over it!


with more of the extra rain puddles, we cut out flower shapes to adorn the classroom and hallway.


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