e is for easter egg

egg stacking

simply bringing easter eggs in the classroom enhances play…which enhances learning.

egg toss

we are collecting them for a project  to be done the week after easter, so thanks to families we have LOTS of eggs to play with now!


eggs in the block corner

all eggs aboard!

for our project we need the tops and bottom separated.  cutting them apart turned into a spontaneous center (my favorite kind!).

egg cutting

egg cutting

we did a formal “egg toss” game.  sitting while throwing was the hardest!
egg tossegg tossegg tossegg tossegg tossegg toss

the sorting and stacking, filling and dumping is so important!


egg tossegg tossegg toss

3 thoughts on “e is for easter egg

  1. Hi,
    Love your website. I posted a link at my Facebook group:
    ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.
    You have great ideas for English Language Learners.
    Please join in my group.
    Rosa Amelia Oropeza



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