e is for easter bunny food

i was inspired and changed plans. we pretended our school didn’t have scissors and we needed the paper to be small enough to cover the cardboard carrot shapes.  hmmmm, shall we tear it with hands?  rip it with teeth?  both techniques were tested.  tearing by hand won out.

c is for carrot

show and tell this week is “easter decorations.”  we’ve had crosses, palm branches, easter eggs, and easter bunnies.  we have rabbit books out in honor of spring and making these carrots (a.k.a. easter bunny food) seemed like a natural project.
c is for carrot

c is for carrotc is for carrotc is for carrot

i loved seeing the variety.  smooth, bumpy, sparse, heavy with layers.

c is for carrotc is for carrot

but then i was asked the question, “is the easter bunny real?”  out come the cries of YES and NO and a little girl looking at me for answers.  in these moments, i have learned to defer to the parents.  to explain that some of our preschool friends think yes and some think no, so find out what your family thinks.  she was satisfied, but smirked a little and as she was walking away said, “no… right?”

2 thoughts on “e is for easter bunny food

  1. Love the idea of pretending the school does not have scissors. :) Great way to think of things from a different way.



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