v is for very favorite food


as part of our learning from the very hungry caterpillar, children were invited to bring their favorite foods for us to taste at snack time.


our snack routine is the same every day.  we find out who brought the snack (a fruit or vegetable…sometimes they bring more than that, otherwise we have crackers/pretzes/animal crackers at school), we sing thank you to them, we sing our thank you song, then we find preschoolers to lead us to the 2 sinks.  after washing hands the preschoolers walk across the room to the teacher kitchen to pick up their tray (which holds their cup of water and snack).  then they get the practice of walking back to a snack table.  i love watching the independence bloom!


but this week after hand washing they got to sit right down and we served snack “like a restaurant.”  our rules are very clear that you don’t have to finish everything and there is always more of something!  we also explain that their brains will grow and change and someday they might like a food they used to not!  we encourage licking a new food, smelling it, feeling it, etc.



i never thought i would eat chives and a cupcake in the same meal.

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